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MaxRace f1 episode


MaxRace F-1 episode 


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Functions and Features


MaxRace F-1 episode converter is a smart device which converts all racing games from PS 3 or PC into a motion controlling game, simply connect the device onto your bike, no matter the type of bicycle you have, racing bicycle or basket bicycle even old vintage bicycle is suitable. This magnificent device turns the wheel of your bicycle into the wheel of a F-1 race car, sounds weird right? Its true! Get this gear and bike along with the F 1 racing cars now!

MaxRace F-1 episode converter consists of 3 parts, the main controller (directional sensor), speed sensor and a set of custom gaming buttons (4 pieces).

The default setting is as below:

  • Bicycle handlebar (direction sensor) = Steering wheel
  • Bicycle Pedal = Car accelerator
  • Custom gaming button 1 (allowed to customize) = Car brake pedal
  • Custom gaming button 2(allowed to customize) = Hand brake or burst of speed (nitro)
  • Custom gaming button 3(allowed to customize) = Gear up (gear +)
  • Custom gaming button 4(allowed to customize) = Gear down (gear -)


  1. Setting the sensitivity on the Bicycle handlebar (direction sensor) = Racing wheel

MaxRace F-1 episode converter successfully built in an electronic compass detector to accurately automatically detect the angle of rotation, it converts the signal to the X axis on  the left analog stick  to control the steering wheel on the racing games.

There are 4 sensitivity levels, they are shown with a LED color light, the highest level indicates the highest sensitivity.


Color white red green blue
Level 1 2 3 4



  1. How to set the sensitivity on speed (When the default accelerator is  on the R2 button) 

The speed sensor on the bicycle wheel converts the signal into the R2 key on the controller, when the speed sensor detects the bicycle wheel spinning, the R2 light on the device will lit up. You are able to increase and decrease the SPEED + /SPEED – to adjust the sensitivity levels.


There are 4 sensitivity levels, they are shown  with a LED color light,the highest level indicates the highest sensitivity.



Color white red green blue
SPEED 10 15 20 25



  1. How to set the handle bar angle.

The correct handle bar angle needs to be compatible with your racing car steering wheel, if not please reposition your bicycle handle bar to the middle and press the “ANGLE RST” to readjust the angle, two of the LEDs blinks. 

  1. How to install the sensor and magnet 

The sensor should be placed on the seat stay near to the bicycle spokes, the magnets should be placed evenly on the spokes , the sensor and the magnet must be within 1~3MM far, if they are properly placed ,the sensor’s light will lit up, otherwise it won’t.

  1. How to connect the custom buttons

The MaxRace F-1 episode converter comes with 4 buttons in different colors, you are able to install them on easily, the function of these custom buttons can be referred to the racing game for custom setting. For example, you can set it as a hand brake, gear up, gear down, car horn or reverse car etc.

Note: the bike trainer stand is not included.